Kohl’s Design It! Lab Workshops for Schools

Design is everywhere. Let the Kohl’s Design It! team help your students discover the science of the human body through measurement and anatomy, unleash the power of nature to inspire innovative ideas, learn about cultures by examining the way things are made, and understand the power of effective communication through hands-on, design activities.

These exciting, interdisciplinary workshops are an excellent supplement, enhancement, or tie-in to the important lessons you teach every day. Programs range from short walk-up experiences that introduce new tools and techniques all the way to in-depth classes that outline specific content areas in your curriculum- whether it’s math, science, language arts, or history.

From where we live, to what we wear, and to new technologies and innovative new products that improve our lives, the world around us is filled with the magic of industrial design. Be a part of it with Discovery World’s new Kohl’s Design It! Lab workshops for school groups!

Workshops Available at Discovery World

Workshops Available at Your School

For questions about Workshop content and activities, or to register today, call 414.765.8625.