The Pros

The Kohl’s Design It! Lab has an entire team of designers, architects, engineers, illustrators, artists, and makers behind all of our programs and projects that you create in the lab.  Introducing our guest professionals and Design Team… AT5T0534   AT5T1572 Aeran Park, Mount Mary College Fashion Department Chair and Associate Professor In 2012, we met Aeran Park and haven’t stopped doing amazing things with the Mount Mary College Fashion Department since!  She can be found in the lab sharing her fashion illustration techniques during our Fashion Design Weekend Workshops and Summer Camps.  Did I mention she is a published author?    annaandsarah2 Anna Warren and Sarah Kirkham, Milwaukee Repertory Theater Prop Artisans Name something Anna and Sarah can’t do.  Entrepreneurs, trailblazers, and crazy talented.  These two will give you insiders tips on successful casting and molding techniques used in the infamous Prop Shop.  They can also show you how to laser-etch onto leather and make fake food.  Interested?  So were we.   AT5T1668 Philip Stankard, Industrial Designer Healthcare Systems, GE Healthcare Our 3D printing guru, Phil shows students how to evaluate real life scenarios and redesign products already on the market.       AT5T7818 Jenny Otte, Reiman Aquarium Aquarist Inspiration doesn’t come from admiring something intriguing.  Designers become inspired by understanding why things look the way they do and Jenny explains just that about the fish of the Great Lakes and Reiman Aquarium.       IMG_5896Jon Alling, Advanced Development Group Manager, Johnson Health Tech NA Industrial designers make things look pretty.  Engineers make things work.  Jon helps you to understand how something can function and what parts are needed to make it function.  It’s not always pretty, but he makes it work.     ROUNDEDcornersMatt Cipov, Local Milwaukee Artist and Designer Matt Cipov shares his tricks of the trade to give designers an expansive tool kit to create within their own home on a small budget.  He shows us how easy it is to draw and how to turn illustrations into 3D products.  He has great advice on how to market yourself as a maker and talk about your work.  Check more of his work out here.   Timothy Westbrook Timothy Westbrook, Textile Artist Past Pfister Artist in Residence and all around innovator, Timothy Westbrook educates people about the true definitions of sustainability, dynamic re-use, recycling, and repurposing.  I guarantee you probably have the definitions mixed up.  He will set you straight while showing you how to create textiles and bold fashion pieces. He was also a Green Biz Forum 2013 Guest Speaker.  Casual.    SONY DSCTom Kroeger, Lakeshore State Park Manager, Wisconsin DNR When designing for the outdoors, one must consult with someone who knows the outdoors best to ensure their designs will survive in the wilderness.  Whether we are designing for bird watching, fishing, or hiking; Tom makes people consider all of the elements they might not have thought of on their own.  PS – You should probably take a stroll though his park if you haven’t yet.