Meet Our Designers: Ben Tyjeski

Every month we invite you to become better acquainted with the designers in the Kohl’s Design It! Lab (KDI! Lab). This month, get to know designer Ben Tyjeski. From his favorite artists to his favorite food, see what inspires Ben to create different projects for the design lab!


Spotlight: Ben Tyjeski

Hometown: Wisconsin Rapids

Degree/Schooling: Art Education and Ceramics

What do you design? Figurative Sculpture

How do you get inspired? Traveling the world and connecting with people, whether it’s across the sea or down the street.

Why do you like working in the KDI! Lab? Collaborating with the team, exchanging ideas, and meeting new people.

What type of music do you like to listen to while working in the KDI! Lab? I usually play Samba and Funk, and a little Etta James here and there.

Favorite Food: Burritos!

Favorite Hang-out Spot: The studio

Favorite Artist/Work: Robert Arneson

Materials: Earthenware clay

Benito Tyjeski

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  1. Congratulations to Ben Tyjeski, seen pictured with Megan. Ashley attributes her creativity to them both – her awesome sitters and favorite neighbors – who inspired her! Success to you in all you do!….Linda

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