Meet Peter Graven

“The Kohl’s Design It! Lab has provided myself as an educator access to equipment that I wouldn’t normally have access to.  I had a need and knew of the type of equipment the Kohl’s Design It! Lab had; I just didn’t know if like other areas of Discovery World – public access was available.  The Kohl’s Design It! Lab staff was quick and eager to help me out and I was even more impressed with all the Kohl’s Design It! Lab has to offer for both myself and my classroom.

AT5T7736The Kohl’s Design It! staff has help take class projects to a new level.  Working on Great Lake Shipwrecks, the Kohl’s Design It! Lab allowed me to cut out large letters as we create a museum-like display of our research. Access to Kohl’s Design It! Lab equipment has given me the opportunity to design and cutout parts for a cardboard planetarium that will be used for student projects later this year.  The Kohl’s Design It! Mobile Lab came to my classroom to talk about the Great Lakes, Mapping, and shipwrecks that have occurred in the past.  The Kohl’s Design It! staff has gone out of their way to support my ideas and needs as well as making modifications and adding to their classroom programming to meet our needs.  The Kohl’s Design It! Lab experience to date has been impressive and in my opinion a diamond in the rough as a hidden gem to educators in the area.



The Kohl’s Design It! Lab is valuable resource and one that I now utilize in my planning for upcoming learning experiences in my classroom.  My limitations are no longer what they once were now that I have found and continue to learn how the Kohl’s Design It! Lab can support my ideas.”

Peter Graven, Educator Deer Creek Intermediate

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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