Lovers’ Eyes

If you’ve been to the Design It! Lab, you know about the laser-cut portraits that are so near and dear to our hearts.  For Valentine’s Day, we’ve put a completely different spin on one of our favorite projects.  Intrigued by Lovers’ Eyes, our Design Team set out to design the modern version of this late 1700′s fad.

Trying to win over the affection of a special valentine while flying under the radar?  Take dating advice from George IV of England’s lover.  It was the 1790′s.  There was no eHarmony, eCards, or texting.  Instead, she presented Prince George IV with a locket that enclosed a miniature painting of only her eye.  Interested?  You wouldn’t be the first to try this attempt, as the trend continued for the next 30 years.

















Fast forward to 2013 and jet from England to Milwaukee.  In the Design It! Lab, we will take a picture of your eye and laser-etch it onto cardboard.  Choose from multiple unique frames and customize your Lovers’ Eye to be worn as a broach, necklace, or hair piece. Skip the chocolates and roses this year, the Lovers’ Eye speaks the language of love for you.

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